Aslı and Korhan

Asli, the Relactive Bride as beautiful as a swan…

In the past year, the couple Aslı and Korhan preferred the bridal gown of Relactive.

Aslı told the Relactive design team that she wanted a bridal gown model of strapless and long-tailed that is not too puff, and she had her dream bridal gown. We started the bridal gown rehearsals about 2.5 months before the wedding. Due to Aslı’s weight change arising from her intense tempo, our bridal gown was prepared 1 week to the wedding ceremony and delivered to Aslı.

We know that there is a bridal gown that all women like Asli dream to wear it. As Relactive, we always aim to design the bridal gown as closest to these dreams in the highest quality. Every season we develop ourselves with new designs and models. Because the bridal gown is the most special dress of a woman and she wants to look perfect.

In the 2016 season, we brought together fabric motifs such as lace, silk, transparent, tulle and satin with fashionable design models such as fish, princess in our bridal gown models. The models we crowned with stones such as Swarovski and crystal were among the most favourite ones of our brides in 2016.

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